Lifelines is available now!

Friends, Family, Tribe, hello and blessings to you all! Today is the day our full-length record finally releases to the world, woohoo!

Our CD Release Party at Shine in downtown Boulder is going to be packed and happening, hope you can be there with us!
We are so proud of this record, and glad to have finally finished releasing it, it feels so good.
Thanks for all your support, please stay in touch as LOTS is happening right now!
Love and peace!
-Isa and JoeAlan

Australia is amazing!

Isa & JoeAlan from Ramble West on Vimeo.

Isa and JoeAlan in Gold Coast, Australia. This is during their journey to Byron Bay and Uplift festival 2013

Isa and JoeAlan with a Koala bear in Currumbim, AU

Hey everyone! Since we landed in Australia on December 6th, it’s been freaking amazing. We’ve been savoring the warms days and cool nights, play days at the beach, and the abundance of tropical fruits, exotic trees, plants, and flowers, so much beauty here. Uplift festival 2013 was truly an awe-inspiring and soul filling experience, we met beautiful people from all over the world, teachers, artists, musicians, poets, empowered youth and more. Though we don’t wanna leave, we are looking forward to coming back to Boulder, winter or not! We have a show at Caffe Sole (Boulder, CO) on Friday, January 3rd, and our CD release party is coming up at Shine (Boulder, CO) on Friday, January 24th. Love and Blessings, see you soon!